How to Decorate Living Room in a Feminine Way ?

A female room is not something that can be defined precisely and in a closed form, but we can appreciate that “feminine air” with certainty, especially when the salon, stays one of the most vivid of any home.

The keys are in the atmosphere of the room is both cozy and clean. I easily get through textiles and wallpaper in a romantic style , with some retro pieces if your favorite style is vintage , through softer s colors whatever your style, or if your style is rather lively and fun, not given to subtlety, through flowers and accessories.

In a living female, yes, the details are very important, flowers , decorations, carpets, color combinations, such as magazine racks storage spaces or double-spaced tables, can not fail.

Nor lighting where lamps standing lamps and no shortage or desktop to create the warm atmosphere you want.

Curtains, cushions, rugs, vases, pictures, mirrors and lights candles or eventually to give your living room the harmony which denotes the female character to stay whatever the chosen color or textures.

In the rustic countryside natural light, natural plants and pickled wood or natural tones are those in charge to give your living room romantic and feminine air wishing you were. Because female salons go far beyond the floral prints and pink.