How to Decorate Loft Room ?

There are many rooms so evocative and romantic as an attic. In many single-family homes, villas and old houses are these spaces, and, increasingly, the top floors of some buildings have completely sloping floors, loft-style French so fashionable in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

It is also true that preparation requires more foresight: the different heights of an attic may be dangerous (by blows), not allowing the furniture will fit in standard sizes, or the difficulties of finding blinds or shutters not only decorative and functional .

The lower parts can be used to make some storage units as well classic, with doors, shelves, or cabinets that leave its content view, a good choice for small spaces.

he challenge is to enhance the light, if there is little top or side openings, and if present in sufficient quantity, limit your entry to avoid damaging the furniture and floors and at the same time,   limiting heat. Here the curtains with fabric screen to control the flow of light can be the most help.


The beds are usually also well placed in the lower areas, provided there is a minimum height that allows us to not be in danger every time we move, or if you wake up at midnight. Instead, the dining areas and leave them for you step over height.

Go with the style that inspires you as a romantic as the attic does not necessarily require romantic or rustic decor. You can create a new space completely different from the rest of the home or follow the style guidelines common to the whole house.

If your household is attic, do not limit yourself, from minimalism to vintage , everything is permitted.