How to decorate mirror frame

If you have a mirror and do not like much if you’re tired of seeing every day the same, you can easily renew your frame decorating without spending much money, but rather using only your imagination.


Mirror frame: we can renew with simple materials such as paint, varnish, tiles, felt, etc..
Paint the frame: you just have to sand it, clean it and apply the paint we want to give the necessary layers.
Other ideas: make a mosaic with wood taquitos two or three colors, lined with newspaper or a gift, make a collage with photos, etc..
A mirror is a very decorative element used daily, so choose the one that best suits our style house is can be tricky.

Change the frame of a mirror
If we buy a mirror with a frame of wood and then get tired of it, we can choose to make different decorations for changing their appearance every time you want.
A good option is to change the paint on the frame. Something as simple as sanding wood, clean it well with a cloth and paint it with the color that we like. We will give a hand or two depending on the outcome you want to achieve. We will be a mirror as a new and completely different.
Another funny way of decorating the mirror is part of a mosaic, that we can place wood, tiles or stickers, as we prefer.

Other ideas
Use felt to change the look of the frame can be very original and encantándonos end result. We may also use wrapping paper, cards, photos, etc.. and thus make a collage which dominate our imagination.
If you do not want to complicate too, paint is the best choice, but it may seem bland let the mirror frame as well. We can give a small change using two or more colors, carefully painting each section to do on the frame. If we add a decorative ribbon to separate the different tones, the mirror seem totally other.
You see, with few materials and lot of imagination, we in no time a mirror frame entirely. It is very personal and original, as long as the change does not involve a significant increase in weight of the mirror and then we can not hang on the wall.




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Wall mirror decoration