How to decorate rustic-style restaurant

If you are looking for some advice on how to furnish your new restaurant, you might consider the idea to make it happen in a rustic style, the advantages of this type of solution are numerous and obvious: the cost, the greater familiarity of ‘ environment, the infinite possibilities of customization … Let’s see how to get the best from this style.
First, the choice of tables: if we have a space large enough, we aim at long tables in wood “poor” elm, oak or poplar. If we try to get a rustic setting, we have to make sure to create a family atmosphere, and the tables will be used to instill a greater sense of aggregation in our clients.

Rustic-Meets-Diner Style Restaurant

We avoid too elegant tablecloths, as well as cutlery: these will prefer cheaper solutions but also more accommodating, as colorful patterns or checkered tablecloths and cutlery in wood and metal. Our customers will feel immediately at ease!

Password: brick! Material critical to achieve a rustic, brick should not be withheld in our restaurant. Let’s worry about that all the walls are of brick and, if you really have no way to provide for this need, we try to solve with a nifty trick: we cover our walls in common masonry with papier mache modeled by way ‘of brick, with lights dimmed slightly typical of a restaurant, you will notice the difference barely, and we get an effect still impressive.
We mentioned the lights dim, but how to get it? Of course, all the lights are banned in type “modern” nothing neon, nothing spotlights or “lava lamp”, totally out of place in the rustic style antique chandeliers Procuriamoci instead of (or that otherwise appear to be ancient), perhaps those with iron candle holders : we will try to replace real candles with the current models (You can find many types on the market)

It is a relatively inexpensive solution but a strong emotional impact! 4To finish, we think of as “fill” our restaurant. We have the tables, we have the bricks, we have the lights. It remains to fill in the gaps on the walls. We could resolve the problem by hanging the paintings, but it would be a trivial solution, obvious and off-topic. The rustic style needs a touch of simplicity and remember the good old days; hang vintage photographs, or old tools, or objects in the tradition of the place: antique copper pots and iron, wooden spoons, old coffee grinder … We draw on the wisdom and our imagination: Success is guaranteed!

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