How to Decorate Shabby Chic Environments

The Shabby Chic one style that has found its place in contemporary home decor, which gets print a charming air. In the setting of this style include elements for its shades, finishes and a characteristic stamp of yesteryear.


The furniture and accessories in Shabby Chic environments dress pickled finishes and aged look, acquire surfaces colors pale and clear. Flowers are also actors, along with the old that through subtle interventions is updated, and as a result is achieved and bohemian touches add elegance to a room .
This style is perfect for adding a romantic and feminine to an interior, complete with furniture and accessories that also include character and personality to a current.
Mix delicious delicate textiles and shapes, along with pieces that load history. It seeks to achieve perfect aesthetics, however priority is given to use, functionality and comfort that is achieved by incorporating practical and beautiful furniture and accessories.

The windows are covered with fabric or frame, including transparencies, soft textures and patterns with flowers. Inevitable cushions and pillows to give a touch of warmth to an environment Shabby Chic. In different sizes and colors of canvas covers coordinated cushions unfold the beds, chairs, armchairs and sofas.

The tableware and decorative accessories propose porcelain and cut glass materials accompanying the atmosphere with an air of yesteryear. Among the accessories are chandeliers that impart a sophisticated air to the interiors, chandeliers and lamps with fabric shades, complete a practical lighting and a rich aesthetic.

Old fabrics, remnants, in pale colors and soft, are harnessed to create corners with a touch decadent, and with them give life to blankets, cushions, tea towels and aprons, tablecloths, curtains and even fun garlands that decorate the rooms.








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