How to decorate the bedroom

The bedroom is the most private and intimate of the house, who welcomes us during the night, where we spend our moments of privacy and relaxation. How to decorate the bedroom? How to arrange the furniture and what colors to choose for the walls, so as to create an environment in which they feel truly at ease? Here are our recommendations.


Bedroom: location and lighting
The bedroom is the most intimate and secluded whole house. Most of us will spend only the night, but there are those who also use this environment to read, watch television and do gymnastics. The decor of this room, as well as being functional to rest and to everyone’s needs, reflects the personality of those who live and reflects the tastes.

It ‘good to place the bedroom of the apartment in the area farthest from the street and from possible noise. Overlooking The ideal is of course a garden, or on the back of the building.
L ‘ lighting is essential not only at night but also during the day. Generally it is indispensable a source of artificial light, consisting of chandeliers, wall or floor, and a source of natural light, coming from one or more windows. To stimulate sleep and relaxation, you should install artificial lights dimmed and soft. The window, however, may be located behind or in front of the bed.


The coatings of the bedroom
As for the wall covering , you can choose between a simple painting of the walls and wallpaper, decorative and trendy.
If you opt for the painting , the classic white in all its variants proves ideal. Other suitable colors are green, blue “sugar paper” and lilac. The so-called cool colors are relaxing and restful in fact.
The wallpaper is produced instead in a wide range of colors, compositions and decorations. However, has the disadvantage of being difficult to clean and with the passage of time, it loses the brilliance of color.

The bedrooms are furnished in a modern style can also be coated with resin , a material customizable in color and degree of finish (smooth, rough, matt, gloss, semi-gloss, etc. ..). This material has the advantage of being hygienic, since it can also be cleaned with a simple sponge.

Design lovers have the opportunity to cover their room with decorative panels of large dimensions. Usually this type of material can be made ​​of wood or other materials (stone, fabric, metal) and is often printed with the highest quality images and backlit.
The rooms that bear special flooring, such as ceramic sparkling, can reproduce the same elements at the head of the bed or around the mirror.

The floor is usually made ​​of ceramic or coated wood or carpeted floors. This gives the room a warm and cozy, but it is not suitable for those who suffer from asthma and allergies since it has the big disadvantage to accumulate more dust. The most elegant parquet can be chosen in glossy finish or antiqued, depending on the furniture. Have recently been introduced coverings, cork and leather sold in tiles. It is without doubt the finest materials and are easy to clean since you just dust them with an antistatic cloth, but have the major drawback of the spots, on which we must act promptly.

The decor of the bedroom
One bedroom is furnished usually of normal size with a bed, two bedside tables, a closet or a walk-in closet, a dresser, a mirror and a chair . To properly dispose of these items of furniture should be assessed in a careful spaces .

The bed can be positioned at the center of the room, on a corner, or with the headboard leaning against the bottom wall. On either side of the bedside tables are placed. The wardrobe should be placed on the free wall, making sure to leave at least 60 cm away from the bed. On the opposite wall you place the dresser with mirror.


The more spacious rooms can accommodate within them a reading corner , which should never be at the center of the room, a cabinet for television , a chaise longue , a corner dedicated to fitness (on the opposite side of the bed) and possibly a hot tub. A carpet at the foot of the bed, especially if combined with the color of the walls, gives color and character to the environment.
The walk-in closet and bathroom serving the room should be easy and convenient access . The style of personal taste: you can choose between a room with a romantic or metropolitan, modern or classic, basic or sophisticated.