How to decorate the house in Indian style

Who loves to travel to learn about habits and people of other countries, or who should do it for work, certainly had the opportunity to appreciate types of furniture characteristic and welcoming ethnic style. It comes to furnishing their homes with natural materials, an especially warm and rich in accessories enlivened by bright colors and lives. Even in our house, with a wave of fantasy and a strong desire to opt for a ‘change’, you can bring the charm of distant lands: we can indeed transform our rooms in exotic and original, choosing the furniture and accessories ‘right’.


In the next steps we will show you how to get a typical Indian decor.
It ‘a good idea to start from the walls. There orienterete towards warm colors, such as yellow ocher or brick, or will apply soft colors, such as cream or beige: they know how to give a custom look and full of atmosphere, choose shades based on the furniture that you want to insert, which complete the setting with specific references and solutions perfectly adapted to the tastes and both classical and modern ones.
The most common materials used to build the components of furniture in the Indian style, are without a doubt the reed, the rattam and bamboo, wood species lightweight but remarkably resistant, and teak, a wood quality particularly sturdy and beautiful to behold in every its color: from light to dark.

The next steps are perhaps the most fun: you will have to choose items that will harmonize and complement the environment is generally of elements in wood, terracotta and ceramics made ​​of shapes generally very simple, but can be characterized by very accurate machining and details are full of meaning and details

Then choose the typical and colorful ethnic style lamps, which can offer wonderful atmosphere, warm and always wrap silk cushions and beautiful carpets Indians , embellish your home: they are woven in wonderful colors, with materials of great quality: they can not miss in a house of ethnic footprint can also choose to hang a rug on a wall,
Typical then the incense holder and various carved statues of different sizes and shapes.
To be able to recreate the colors and atmosphere of India we must begin with the right color on the walls. For this reason, if the walls of the room you want to decorate Indian style are not of a warm color, tinting is the case of choosing one of the many shades of yellow or orange, or moving towards the muted tones that recall the color of the sand and of the earth, such as beige or terracotta color.Find Indian style furniture has become an easy task: there are many retailers that offer ethnic furniture.

Those Indian style are made ​​primarily in wood and in particular teak wood which, besides being beautiful to look at, proves to be extremely durable essence. The Indian style furniture usually have the inlays or are decorated with depictions of the fascinating able to compensate for the linear forms. You can find beautiful drawers and closets, the doors inlaid or painted. The Indian style furniture can also be made ​​using bamboo, or by using the woven fibers such as rattan, wicker or the rush. To furnish a room you can choose a bed that combines teak and bamboo, with simple lines and classic but ethnic style.



decorate the house in Indian style

Indian Style Room Design Ideas

Indian Style Room Ideas