Decorate the Lamp Shade

An original way to decorate the house yourself is if you do things in this case has taught you to make a lamp shade. It is not hard all you need is to be original. In this article we show has to make a kind of pattern but you can do any print, drawing … This is advisable if you colors that are Clarita. See the following article unComo, how to decorate a lamp covers.

Decorate the Lamp Shade

If you’re bored with your old lamp can do a nice job with it as we will see below. “Renewing is living” the old saying and go if it’s true, because a redecorated room makes the atmosphere more cheerful and enjoyable. So this technique renew how to decorate a lampshade .

We started renovating the most important thing is lighting. Follow the steps below will show you to make your old light screen look like new, I’m sure you’ll love this craft.


Heart shaped Driller
Vinyl glue

To decorate a lamp shade, you have to do to start, is to mark the height of the screen in the cardboard. For this use the pencil.
Use the scissors to cut the cardboard along the scored line, do it in a straight line.
With the punch of forms, make many paper hearts.
Put white glue on the piece of cardboard you’d cut. Use a brush to spread the glue more evenly.
Where had put the glue, place paper hearts. This the lampshade will look cute.
Use many hearts!
Use again the marking pen 2 cm from the edge of the cardboard.
Now fold the cardboard in a straight line where you’ve made the mark. You can use the ruler to ensure straight-shaped bend the cardboard.
Take the rule again and mark 2 inches from the fold you’ve made in the last step.
Fold the cardboard straight for that brand.
Repeat this on all the cardboard.
Wrap the cardboard screen so as to maintain the bent lines.
Use a brush to spread white glue on one edge of the cardboard.
Paste both edges back together. Just wait a few minutes for the glue to dry and decorate your screen is complete.



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