How to decorate the room of a teenager without losing your mind

The decorating a room or a teenager’s room can be a challenge. We all know that teenagers have their own ideas of what is fashionable and what not. Some ideas may be accurate, but perhaps others hate. Easily decorate a room for a teenager can turn into a battle of styles , ideas and decorations. How can you balance your tastes and expectations with your child? Follow these tips to ensure that both you, and your child are happy with the result.


Share Ideas
Before you start decorating, talk to your teenager and shares ideas for decorating your room. If your son or daughter is not very interested in redecorating, take a look at your room and discover favorites. Is there a sport that you like, a band or a movie? Give decorate your room with a favorite subject, and your teen will probably be opened and their opinions. Discuss which colors, style, furniture and decorations might work, except that things can be used already in the room. Take this time to mention that functions he or she needs to fulfill his room. What used to study, or as a private place to be with friends?


Includes your teen
Including your teen is probably the most important part. Your room is your world, and if you take all the decorating decisions, surely will not be very happy with the result. Go shopping with your child to store furniture and decor for the two to inspire. When it’s time to decide which decorations and furniture use, taking into account the tastes of your teenager. also when it is time to paint, furniture accommodate and organize the room.


Find new ways to present ideas
If there styles or ideas that your teen wants to use but you do not convince too, looking for new ways to present them. For example, if your child likes the rock, you can use vintage posters in frames to decorate or instruments hanging on the wall to give interest to the room. Try to balance your interests with your child. Open yourself to new ideas . A dark color for the wall it may not be your favorite, but you can see well in the ideal tone and the lighting adequate.


Decide which battles to let go
Although it can sometimes be difficult, try not to argue about things of little importance. Choosing a lamp is not as important as organizational forms that need the room, especially if your child is not very tidy. Remember that your teen’s room is their special place in your home, so try to keep their tastes in priority.


Give priority to your needs
Think that functions need to fulfill your teen’s room. Is the main place to study, meet with friends, play an instrument or relax? This will give you clues that needed furniture and room elements. Includes chairs and sofas if this is the primary place to meet with friends. If your child needs to study several hours a day, make sure you have a nice desk and lighting for reading at night. Also think about the organization . Teenagers are known for their lack of order, so you will need to make this task easier. Ten baskets to put small things, put drawers under the bed for extra storage and organization systems in the closet.



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