How to Decorate Walls Papered ?

A convenient way to renew your home decor is to paint the existing tempera paper.

Decorate Walls Papered

Ideas to decorate walls papered
A convenient way to renew your home decor, as far as regards walls, tempera paint is the existing paper, and then tap or polka dot cover the bottom of the painting. The results are excellent effect.
Steps to decorate papers wallpapered
IF the papered wall will be first a coat of primer is needed, the color should be clear. This painting will preferably be washable type, and placed fairly thick, to cover completely dark lines and paper drawings.

A quenching oil, which is one of these, and is sold in cans, ready to mix with water. If the powder is preferred to work it will be necessary to form a heavy paste, before adding the water to give the desired consistency for painting. Tempering powder is mixed with hot water, as in another form lumps or pellets of paint will not dissolve: it would soak into water, and applying the temple on the wall will be as a darker color roughness than the rest of the painting. The procedure is to make a thick paste with the powder, and then thin it to the correct level with hot water, the mixture is allowed to cool before use, as heat could loosen the paper from the walls.

This primer is applied with a brush about 15 cms. width, of the slurries used for cal. He began to paint at a door, which is gradually encircling. When finished, put the first part and be able to receive the dotted colors. Given the scarcity of suitable paints can all shades are desired are not achieved, will always be neat combinations. The tangerine orange with light green are two colors suitable for this technique, which when mixed produce amazing results.