How to decorate with animal print ?

The decor animal print, is not simply the use of prints and designs inspired by animal skins. Leopard, cheetah, zebra, snake, crocodile, ostrich or cow can fill your home with style and glamor and, at once, and the exact dose used in a touch of modernity and warmth.

For a long time, this type of animal print patterns, were used in the decoration called colonial style , a warm, earth tones, full of trunks , large pots and travel memories for more distant and exotic paradises.

Anyway, the styles have changed but the animal print is a chameleon adapted itself to become a timeless style that survives for several decades already.

To decorate with animal print should be cautious: animal prints capture the attention will become a focal element so that if you get a result you multiply overwhelming. First tip, therefore: moderation.

Some cushions , rug, candles, the back of a chair, under a photo or picture holder or a lampshade or lamp may be enough to significantly change the atmosphere of a room.

The second advice would you dare to use it in every room, cloths or dishes in the kitchen, tile or sink in the bathroom, with unusual color backgrounds as pink, green or blue in the children’s bedrooms are a great solution , fresh and innovative.

They can be perfect in rooms with earth tones, or chocolate brown, but not black and white discards or fluorine funds. The animal print , always will surprise you with its versatility.