How to decorate with light

Decorating with light can be a really useful trick to make it nice and cozy your home. In addition to paintings, as well as designer sofas, carpets and of course in addition to the mirrors, ideal to make a small room appear wider , the light has its place in a home. To create a truly modern, you can not then do not consider this important detail.
But how to embellish your home taking advantage of the lights? What are the rules to follow for those who want to learn the art of “light design”?


1. Firstly, know that to achieve our goal, the LED lights will be really useful, because not only ensure the results are truly beautiful, but also ensure significant energy savings . Thanks to this type of lighting, available in white warm white neutral, or in many other different and amazing shades of color, you can highlight certain points of your home and some special corners of the room.

2. Having said that, you should try to view “on board” your project. Realizzatene one while undergoing renovation or construction of your environment, keeping in mind the points where you will want to set up the lighting.

3. Concentrate then your focus on the elements that you want to highlight thanks to the lighting. For example, if you want to focus on a particular framework, the light will naturally turned in that direction.

4. To illuminate a room like the kitchen, it would be preferable to choose the bright lights, putting well expressed in three fundamental points, the work plan, the dining table, and finally the entire room.

5. Avoid exceed with the illumination of the focal points. If you were to realize that he had lit too many points in your room, choose the really most important and leave only those.

6. Choose a ‘soft lighting and well-balanced, and try to combine the best light sources between them.

7. Make use of light to highlight particular areas “forget” the house, such as a sub-ramp, which can be highlighted through the spotlights to be applied to the height of the floor.

8. Choose carefully the color to use for illumination of the focal points. If you choose a light yellow or red, the object highlighted return these nuances of color, on the other hand, choosing a light whitish, this will return the most natural colors. Do not let therefore nothing to chance.

9. When you choose the focal point to highlight, remember that it will be highlighted both the advantages that the faults, so if you choose to highlight a specific wall from the surface maybe irregular, this characteristic will be more pronounced. So choose carefully the points to be illuminated.

10. Should not be underestimated then the light environment, which will provide general lighting and will be instrumental in the creation of an enveloping atmosphere and family. For your environment, you might opt ​​for the plants the light regulation, to create effects really beautiful.

At the top you will find a gallery with some practical ideas to decorate your home with light, what do you think?