How to Decorate with Pictures ?

If something does not lack in any house are photographs. Large, small, modern, ancient, old, family, home, travel or landscapes. No matter, whether in paper or digital pictures around us.

If you are of those who have resisted throwing your photos on photo paper or even those that have finished printing on a sheet of paper or a card with a little sloppy, rejoice because the decorative trend of the moment is to load the pictures.

And do not be afraid because it is not filling any surface of those frames with a foot that had always bowing and falling backwards, or grabbing dust on the tables and in the homes of our grandmothers. Now, the photos fill the walls.

They can be black and white, hung, glued or as photomural , there is only one requirement: they occupy much space. You can use a very large, extended as the latest techniques in canvas or vinyl for a whole wall, or many grouped on a regular or irregular.

And now the photos are hung on the walls , ceiling, decorative wire sustained industrial style with metallic tweezers, forceps for laundry in kitch styles or with ties to the most romantic.

As borders in any room, as headboard in a bedroom s, following the path of corridors or stairs or taking possession of any wall in the living room or living room.