How To Decorating Homes of 30 Square Meters ?

Space requirements, especially in big cities makes housing are reduced increasingly to have “spaces” that look more like lack thereof. But not only in small dwellings . could also be that we want to create an apartment for growing children or for guests or an older person who comes to live in an apartment or a large house.

Believe it or not, thirty square meters or less can give a wonderful result if we rearrange the space and its use for decoration and visual tricks multifunctional furniture . First, we find elements to divide the space without closing it visually. For this we use walls that do not reach the ceiling, transparent panels, screens , curtains, shelves that serve as both storage and separator element … the options are varied.

In these spaces, the minimum critical orders. Everything must have its place and should be easy to keep it there. The less furniture, decorative pieces or surface elements have prevented the passage of people and light the better, the less objects occupy space, greater feeling of spaciousness .This mirror will be a truly unique.

Big, small, medium, beveled, on walls and doors, at the entrances or on the wall to close the space (the one facing the door of the main room) will be most effective. If you or hollow beams, uses the space to put shelves or make a cabinet or closet. Do older furniture also serve as supports for other: a large headboard as “wall” that visually support on the sofa, a bookcase that is across headboard or separation of the kitchen, for example.

If the ceilings are high, the lofts are a great solution for an office, bedroom or a guest bed. If they are not high enough, a wooden platform . storage under it will create different heights and very decorative.  You can divide them with tinted windows that give clarity and just subtract privacy and your 30 square meters will have multiplied, almost.

Choose colors well housing, light colors, white, cream, earth, gray and touches of color to harmony.For kitchens and bathrooms small spaces using the gaps, for example for the shower and uses metal elements , very suggestive by reflections that create and help multiply the light.The result will surprise you.