how to design interiors online best 3 tools to design

If you’re designing or decorating your home, it is important that your projects, you plasmes on a plane to get a better idea of how distributing furniture in the space and everything else as well. you can avail yourself of the classic paper and pencil or take advantage of new tools.

We all know that it is very easy to buy products and accessories online for home decoration, but the Web also offers a variety of applications that can be very useful in the process of design and decoration of the interiors. Let’s take a look at the main available tools online to today:


Web address:

Through a simple registration you can access your panel to carry out a design to taste. Create the walls and give a color and a coating on the ground is quite simple. It has more than 2200 objects to add as different types of doors, windows, furniture, appliances, etc.

This tool is available in Spanish, which is activated from the panel one time have entered, and has the project in 3D display, even though it has the disadvantage to make one project per year for free.


Autodesk Home Styler
Web address:

Through this popular application you can design more than an interior, but a complete housing, using furniture and decorative objects existing in reality. Many of these objects are manufacturers and brands, for example the colors used for walls are Sherwin Williams paint brand colors chart.

Access is very easy, even you can create an account on the site with your Facebook or Google account. The process of designing is very intuitive, just by dragging and dropping objects, and you can have a vision of your project in 3D.


3D Roomplanner
Web address:

Roomstyler is a site where you can find various tools, one of which is 3D Roomplanner. This application is very similar to the previous one, except that you can go with an Instant 3D view of the project in which you are working. Also can try the features without registering, only necessary if you want to save the project.

All these applications are not for download, they are executed online. All necessary in basic registration to start using them, and some have skills limited for free use, having the possibility of paying for access to a version with all the features available.