How to dress a bed

The key to getting a bedroom comfortable and quiet is a personalized decoration for those who use this room. Therefore, the main and largest part of a bedroom is the bed , and dress smartly will make the decoration of this room is a success.
I’ll give you some tips that will be useful to this end.


In the first place , the use bedding such as sheets, blankets, comforters, etc.., should complement the rest of the bedroom decor. Second point , use light colored sheets, we prefer the white because it is a neutral color that blends well with the different color combinations, but you can use the tones you want.

Third tip , use layers upon layers, ie, placed on a base as Norse, so current right now, other pieces like a plaid or a blanket at the foot of the bed, and several pillows at the head, with this to get a sense of comfort and good taste. If you see your bed legs, and these are not the most suitable for the decoration to be made, cover them with a solid color cubrecanapé, ie without patterns, the shape of these cubrecanapé decorations can be simple for current and frilly and floaty for classic or rustic combinations.

Fourth point , now we must give our point volume with different sizes and shapes of pillows, and get an attractive composition. This composition is easy to do as long as we maintain the balance of their contents, for it will put two pillows over, called quadrants, on the pillow, we can even do without it, for these will support two smaller then other rectangular shaped smaller and to complete a circular cushion or loop in the center.

Finally I will talk about the texture of fabrics, such as linen, velvet, silk, soft furnishings, and details like beads, ribbons, hair weaves of different lengths, etc.., enrich the design, if you combine several of them used the same range of color. They also comment that the combination of flowers and stripes can form a good match as long as the prints have a harmonious color scheme, using complementary and monochromatic colors in different cushions and plaid.

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