How to Expand Space in Small Kitchens Guard ?

The kitchenettes are often difficult to organize as there are elements that are very useful and can not miss. In this note we give some suggestions for expanding the space saved and put everything you need.

Expand Space in Small Kitchens Guard

Tricks to expand the places of the kitchen
In small kitchens, we should not force us to leave those utensils, condiments elements until we most want, simply by not having enough storage place. We can increase and maximize this space, using simple tricks, like the ones we see here.

The first big trick, is simply the order. Keeping the cupboards in order not only allow us to get rid of what is useless, it will place to keep what I really want to have. Keep your pantry organized, using containers of glass or plastic that everything takes place without problems.

We can also use brackets, shelves and containment vessels to maximize space. Place shelves longer and thinner, so it does not interrupt the flow of the kitchen. In the area under the cabinets over counter are plenty of availability for the placement of small shelves where you can place all your condiments or existing espacias cold. Remember maximize shelf space, using its upper, as well as the bottom.

Containers such as plastic and metal drawers (small baskets) are ideal for maximizing space kitchen Guardian , Then we can place almost anywhere. We adhere them with suction cups and ceramic tiles, or fasten with magnets or magnets for the fridge or water heater, and even a tank. We can also make a good decorative shelf with bottles .

Be sure to take advantage of the space above the refrigerator. You can place a high cupboard, or just drop items above the refrigerator, into containers. Make sure there are metal as they may overheat and alter the taste of food to put up there. You can also drop items from the microwave above, provided that allow good ventilation of the apparatus, and respecting the advice of temperature, as these devices emit warm air that can bring problems later.

Use the refrigerator to keep only those requiring groceries cold. In this way, you will avoid wasting valuable storage place for leftover meals, frozen and other foods.

Finally, to increase space in small kitchens guard can apply the eternal trick sealing plastic containers. These containers preserve its contents, are stackable (according to the model you have chosen) and can be placed in almost any room, always protected from high temperatures. Remember that you can even put food in the cupboard under table, without being prejudiced, thanks to the seal.