How to Find the Perfect Bed ?

Two Italian and Swedish companies will show their innovations to your rest is assured

That planting a bed frame with four legs and a mattress to sleep has become history.The beds have evolved from a simple element to sleep to become an essential part of bedroom decor.
If we talk about the child’s bedroom, it is best to go with the imagination, as we have seen in these pages. But when we refer to the principal, elegance, good taste and discretion, with a touch of sophistication and design, get it sleep better, even in summer.

Check out if the latest proposal of the Italian Flou. Among the new products presented at the last edition of the Milan Furniture Fair is Sama. A large bed with high impact stylistic solutions characterized by the following lines of the seventies, but adapted to modern contemporary.
The bed comes complete with two separate panels and slightly arched in the center, coatable in fabric, leather or eco-leather covers. It has adjustable slats or container basis. With the bed can be coordinated nightstands of the same series.

The other proposal Italians, Poliform, Jacqueline called and is defined as their combinations can result in different proposals fourteen different. In all cases the result is a functional bed that does not leave out the design with a strong personality.
In addition, under the headboard is upholstered and covered in removable fabric, eco leather or leather.This system includes mattresses, pillows and accessories. To make the room just right.

We traveled north to reach the Swedish city of Köping.There he created, in 1852, the first mattress Hästens Pehr Adolf Janson, the great great grandfather of the current owner, Jan Ryde.No less than 160 years later, the factory continues to use 100% natural materials, as its founder thought.
To celebrate, the company has created Jubilea. This is a limited edition designed with a new version of the unmistakable mark boxes. This time the blue color becomes vintage denim which gives a more urban touch to the piece and it will be available for only three months.