How to grow old furniture

Antique furniture, stately style and we like virtually every decor lovers. The current trend sends mixed with cutting edge methacrylate as tables, contemporary sculpture … To create a fusion of time and styles. But the truth is that they are quite expensive, so if we want to include this type of furniture in our homes, we must ingenuity to achieve economic models “give the trick”.
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You can use wooden furniture you have in house and have become outdated, or are not too attractive, furniture and purchased at flea markets, or clean wood furniture, sold at home centers and specialty shops.

Painted furniture and worn
The next thing is to decide if what you want is a piece of furniture or an aged old style. The former can be achieved with light-colored paints (pastel colors, creams, beiges, dusty …) sanded so as to give a worn look. Like for example, the cabinet finish shown in the photo. This style is more fashionable than ever and combines well with romantic wallpapers, style toile-de-Jouie. Thanks also small stencils of flowers, or better yet, freehand painted motifs.

How to mimic the rustic finish
If we want to convert a pine furniture in an “age”, take note. Rustic furniture can be mimicked well by making small holes with a hammer and a nail, as if the cabinet had been attacked by woodworm. You can also rub the wood with a metal wire brush to leave coarser. To give you a noble color, this blend utilizad: walnut aniline water, with a little mahogany aniline aniline and a little orange. Mix the powder with a pint of hot water with half filtrad. The mixture is applied to the furniture in the direction of the grain, leaving it dry and giving other hand. To finish, simply spread a layer of antique wax, let dry a few hours and buff with a brush to clean shoes.

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