How to illuminate stairs

While we usually think of decorating stairs must never overlook the lighting on stairs . Circular by these spaces allows accder in height and therefore security is very important, especially at night or the dark places. But we can not deny that the staircase light influences in decorating the house. There are several ways to enlighten them of which you want to present some.

How to illuminate stairs
The lighting of stairs must meet performance criteria. But it is also important how the lighting is and how it affects the interior decoration. This should be considered in addition to the entry of natural light, the shadows that generate and the amount of light needed. Now we will look at ways to illuminate stairs.

Spot Lighting
Externally, you can place him sconces around the staircase, recessed into the wall a few inches above the height of the steps. No need to throw a great light intensity at all, with only a little light to enhance visualization of space and steps will suffice.

General Lighting
Can also auxiliarte of ceiling lamps with low light intensity in all cases. You can use hanging lamps or ceiling, always ensuring that access through these does not interfere.

Integrated lighting
Currently integrated lighting the staircase is the most widely used mainly because the light source is in the place where it is needed: each of the steps or two at least. These are also inexpensive, ideal for daylight savings because the technology used is based on LED lights mainly, which do not consume energy substantially.

The location of these light sources can be on either side of the stairs or just one. If you can not place them on the sides you can put them in the vertical dimension of the step or riser, so throw light forward basically.

Another method is to place the light source directly on the upper surface of the tread. These are more intense and illuminating view directly to the person so they are not very functional in the display theme of the entire space. Because of this you will have to put in all the steps and with a mild to only be a function of location and other surfaces.
Anyway the main thing is to be seen access and level differences, nothing more. These resources are not just for big steps, but also for small steps in the house for example or your entry primary.

Remember that, while assessing the design factor and added decoration, lighting on stairs is more a safety issue than pure aesthetics. To do this we have other ideas of decorating staircases that can serve you. for example :