How to Incorporate antique chairs to the modern decor

Sure That You Have Seen this resource in many magazines of decoration, You have a time Already Been an Important trend to create a different and very personal atmosphere. A priori it May seem like a risky choice, but it is undeniable That it has a great effect in the decoration of any environment. Let’s take a look at a few ideas, so you can see how easy That Incorporate old chairs in a modern environment.

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We Talk About the same chairs but can be done With armchairs or sofas. They can be used as a full game, or isolated resource using modern and classical transgressors or upholstery. There are no limits, is create an atmosphere Original and above all to transmit our personality. But do not ever losing coherence Especially When we use brightly colored fabrics, try that They are well Coordinated in overall decoration.

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When the environment is too uniform we use a Chair or a sofa upholstered with a fabric of contrasting color, or the attention of one form or another.A modern transparent desktop is a good place to show off a fantastic piece recovered from the family heritage or acquired for the occasion. A former receiver, dressing room, the dining room and the living room chair Present will be perfect. It can be in any room Placed whos of the House.

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The classics of design from the middle of the last century can be Also used to this effect. In This case, it is an Important, Although it is the original the copy, not a current reissue That all the charm of the convey passage of time. These chairs upholstery is essential and unavoidable task will be to make the most successful possible inclusion in our decoration.

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The combination of a classic armchair, Empire style or any of the Luises, with modern and contemporary pieces are fascinating. In the bedroom you can use if Chair We have a desk as if we put it in a prominent place. You can serve as a practical element Both purely as aesthetic. Once Again the great Stress Importance of the upholstery if we want that our Chair combine to perfection. Here’s an example Chair With This Empire style upholstered with fabric Color Lavender.

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The dining room is the room of the House That logically Have more chairs. Also here we can draw on this resource, but it will be more careful to Have as many pieces to be perfectly Chosen must be so That They Do not saturate the environment. We must Carefully study the decoration of our dining room before taking a final decision. It is more expensive and more difficult to correct Also choice.

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The Chair will act as element of contrast in environments in Which the neutral colors dominate. It is a good opportunity to choose a striking fabric That Makes a good focal point to the Chair or armchair.

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