How to install faucet telescopic

The kitchen is an area of the house where should prevail functionality and efficiency of all components. should look for comfort, but without neglecting the innovation and quality of materials. All these characteristics find a faucet telescopic we teach you how to install it.

faucet telescopic

This model is very comfortable removable to save time in the sink. The water comes with greater pressure and mobility can end the tedious task of clarifying the dishes in a more comfortable.

This time you will not need to work: you only have to transform one model always telescoping, thus you’ll become a plumber for a day. How? By following a few simple steps you described below.

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When buying an extending spray usually come all the parts needed for assembly: screws, nuts, washers and rubber tubes. The tools are on your own, but it is not difficult to have in your toolbox usual with a screwdriver and a wrench.
Once all the necessary hand, we started cutting the tap water and removing the old model. To do this, loosen the hoses with wrench English and remove the nut and rubber washer that secures the sink.
Then unscrews the filter water outlet and enters the telescopic tube. Have various sizes and any valid. The choice depends on your needs.
Finally, follow the steps in reverse explained. Spend hole faucet through the sink and let it hang the cable jacks are connected hot and cold water, place the washers, screws and open the stopcock.
We recommend adding lead counterweight removable tube. This will prevent tangling and give easy collection inside the sink.

Now you just have to open it and make sure it works properly. If not, repeat the process with particular emphasis on setting the hoses. We know you’re a handyman, but if you resist, seek professional without hesitation.