How to live and work in a studio of 20 square meters? Moving, almost, for the walls

The architectural Mycc defines it as a “unique urban retreat.” Right. The way we have solved this apartment twenty square meters, a volume of one hundred cubic meters and longitudinal section is like the original minimum. And it took advantage of the height to include the maximum stay to accessed via stairs wall if necessary. “Remember the old computer games platforms,” ​​says the study.

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Yes, and also the capsule hotels in Japan but in Spanish format version for home and the apartment is located in Madrid . Logically, only fit one person. Two at the most. However, tenants have to go Leftover bounded dynamism and creativity to a space marked by unevenness.

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The Madrid study was inspired by light at different heights forged accessed from one to another almost jumped. In this case through different types of ladders. As a result, the stays are limited but all are in turn connected to each other visually . Even the bathroom.

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“Up or down to the kitchen to the bedroom provides a heightened sense of change and different perception of places r, either each of the separate areas of the house as a whole, “says the study.

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The house, despite its size, wants to be generous in their spaces and the number of rooms offered, added.

How to live and work in a studio of 20 square meters

None of the parts has a completely defined use. So the kitchen is a step between access to housing and the living room .

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This in turn, becomes a central space that serves as a seat and store under the raised access floor .

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From the living room to the bedroom floor and climbs to the study / chillout / sunroom by an industrial scale . You can also access the bathroom, located at a lower elevation and which has a hot spot on.

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