How to Make a Balloon Display Wool ?

To decorate a room, the screen or lamp can give a touch of class to the place. Here is how to do a screen shaped balloon with wool.

Make a Balloon Display Wool

Screen with wool
Today we bring you an interesting, simple, affordable and very decorative: a screen shaped balloon, placed in a room for children, adolescents, or wherever you prefer. This is a proposal very easy to do, where your kids can participate in both the planning and execution also.
Materials to make the display globe
You will need a few materials to make this globe-shaped screen. Among them, you must collect wool colors or the same color it is your preference. You can use twine or rope to your liking. You also need a common globe, a base for support (can be a cup, a cup, a jar or anything similar) colorless resin with hardener, and a pair of rubber gloves or latex gloves for each participant in the creation of this Decorative circular screen.
Steps for a balloon display Wool
Inflate the balloon. Blow up the balloon to the size you want to give the screen. Lay it on the glass, cup, a circle of cardboard or any item you want to use, protecting it with plastic wrap if necessary. If you notice that the balloon moves or had minimal airflow, you can hold the item with a few pieces of tape.

Cut yarn. Then cut the pieces of wool you need. You can use a single thread, although the work will be easier if you use several pieces about 20-30 inches long, also mixing colors.

Prepare the resin. In a container large and spacious, prepares the resin. Remember it put you gloves, and work in a ventilated place. Sets the amount of resin necessary to consider the work, and 5% of catalyst. Mix well, and put in there the pieces of wool.

Place the wool in the world. Without delay you too much, go take each piece of wool and Shake down on the globe. Remember to leave an area where you can go up the power cord to tie it inside the balloon display and place the bulb, so that is not in contact with the workpiece. Then go completing the circular shape to your preference: more or less dense, in a certain way or free, the way you prefer to. Always use pieces of wool completely embedded in the resin and catalyst solution.

Allow to harden the resin. When you’re satisfied with the work (remember to leave a space open at the bottom, which allows you to attach and remove the bulb), allowed to set the resin. If you notice that necessary or if you want to exploit the remaining resin prepared, you can work brushing over again, setting it well. However, this is not necessary.

Click on the globe. By leaving set, when the resin has hardened to perfection, strikes out the balloon and remove it neatly. Your circular screen colored wool is now ready to be placed in the room of your choice, always attending to the security measures in relation to the handling of materials and electrical items.