How to Make Centerpieces with a Flower ?

A flower is enough for us to make an attractive decoration. A centerpiece does not have to be sophisticated if we know how to highlight the beauty of a flower

Make Centerpieces with a Flower

Centerpieces with flower
We often have to make a table centerpiece urgently , we do not have enough elements. Or so we, of course, because here you will have some original and practical ways to achieve attractive centerpieces and focal points with only one flower, and some items you have at home.

The centerpiece container
Do your glasses and vases they are all too big for a single flower? Well, use your creativity to flow and put all kinds of elements. A single rose can be seen wonders into a champagne flute, or a striking gerbera find an ideal place in a glass over drinks, and even in a bottle green or colorless wine.

Other elements that may serve as a vase may be, for example, serving bowls and dishes soup to great depth. The water-filled, clear or colored, and just let float a flower in the middle. You can also use a tin can for a rustic country look, and even a wooden box inside a plastic container (like a plastic pot of yogurt) may result in an original container to decorate your flower.

Green accessories for the table centerpiece
Use green leaves to give more volume to the base of your centerpiece. Choose ferns, ivy and blades of all types for the flower display for this green cloud, and strikingly original. If you feel good inspiration, use edible leaves like chard, arugula, watercress and even lettuce. Green mattress will give freshness and vitality to center simplest table.

Supplements colors for table centerpiece
If you choose to use a glass container larger, you can disguise your base with fresh fruits. Whether whole or sliced ​​citrus are ideal complements to the centerpieces. Choose lemons and limes to highlight flowers attractive colors (red, orange), and whole and sliced ​​orange flowers to complement subtle colors like white and yellow.

Also vegetables can be a perfect complement. Use brussels sprouts to achieve a green base submerged within the container, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots are also flashy accessories, and even small zucchini for a unique look in a glass or vase large. You can also use this technique to create a centerpiece in a punch bowl or a bowl of clear glass.

The flower
The flower is the star of the centerpiece. Choose a flower long stem to protrude the centerpiece up winning and imposing presence. If the flower stem was weak, inserted into florist wire or stick brochete, to keep up the protagonist, well showy.