How To Make Smoke-Free Kitchen?

It is essential to have a good hood that besides aesthetically integrated with the rest of the furniture, allowing you to have a cleaner environment

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that has evolved from a point of view and decorative design. dispongas Already a kitchen with a few meters or, conversely, have the luck of having a larger space right today is that you can find on the market right solutions for every need.

In fact, one of the biggest bets of the biggest names in furniture and kitchen accessories is to seek maximum integration of all elements ( refrigerators , countertops , stoves , ovens , etc …) to get a nice space to detach welfare and comfort, especially when the kitchen becomes the chosen space for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

One element to keep in mind when planning the decor and kitchen organization are the hoods , which over the years have not only acquired a significant ornamental value, but also have the latest technological advances to suit cooking habits of each of us. But you know what aspects to keep in mind when choosing one? Notes:

– Obviously, in addition to seeking a bell that suits the style (modern or rustic ) prevails in your kitchen, you should keep in mind what their extraction capacity, which will be stronger or weaker depending on the size of the room and your habits cooking (not the same frying, steaming it or preferably use the oven). And do not lose sight of the fact that the engine is as quiet as possible, if you want to during operation is impossible, as in many cases, able to hold a conversation while you’re stewing. Remember: a powerful engine, yes, but quiet please!

– Also important is the type of filter that account. Currently, there are companies like Fagor that have been taken to build a carbon filter that not only more efficient than conventional ones, but also last much longer. The fact that they are removable and can go into the dishwasher is also a consideration because we can greatly simplify life.

–  Like us simplify also the fact that the inner cavity of the bell is armored and is smooth, without sharp edges or corners difficult to make cleaning easier.