how to organize perfect dinner

The holidays are approaching and certainly will enliven our homes of friends and family visiting . Whether it’s a formal dinner or just a friendly between the host must always be received at best .You can not overlook anything, no corner of the house to be forgotten. Remember that your home is a reflection of what you are , so plan accordingly. If you’ll behave like perfect hosts surely make your guests come back to visit you very soon.

organize perfect dinner
In this article we have summarized in three distinct moments should take place as the perfect dinner with friends. First thing you should greet your guests with a great welcome cocktail, a bit ‘to break the ice, a little’ for a chance to complete the finishing touches in the kitchen. Then you will go to the highlight of the evening: dinner . In this step, the table is the real star , which is simple or sophisticated, even in this case must be flawless.

After dinner you can move to a different place in the house, usually in the living room, to continue the conversation, and maybe have a drink . Remember that the details make the difference, then, without fear, go to open the door that your guests have already arrived!

A welcome cocktail is without a doubt the best way to welcome guests at home: help to put them at ease and encourage conversation .

The rules of etiquette recommend to serve cocktails from the first host, and working through. A perfect hostess should not be caught unprepared and you better take precautions both of alcoholic and non-alcoholic .

We recommend that you prepare yourself in your home, certainly are a great way to put everyone at ease. If time is short and the arrival of the guests are already in tremendous delays do not worry, a good bottle of white wine served cold certainly will not make you look bad .

Table Manners and conviviality
Of course at the time of arrival of the guests the table must already be perfectly appreciation . Do not think that a casual dinner with friends is different from a formal dinner: in this case the details are important, then pull out the double glasses and prepared an amazing menu.

The ice is broken and in the kitchen every detail is now in place. We accommodate guests and begin to serve dinner . Remember that etiquette is very strict, it is not only how to behave at the table, but above all it must be extremely careful equipment .
Kong Swan – a sofa that creates the atmosphere immediately
But even this is not enough! A perfect host will assign seats to the diners in the right order and will have to have a strict behavior throughout dinner.

The Comfort of Strangers: The table
Beyond these formalism let us reflect for a moment on the table . There are certain elements to be analyzed: the centerpieces, candles and tablecloth . As far as the centerpiece remember that should always be discreet, must embellish, do not disturb . If you choose fresh flowers be careful not to overdo the perfume. If your table is round a table centerpiece will be perfect. In the case of long tables suggest instead of choosing more items to be placed at regular distances : do not make absurd mixtures, the elements may differ in color, but it is good to maintain uniformity .

With regard to the use, or not, of candles there are various schools of thought . We all know that the candles on the table quickly created a nice atmosphere, but are not loved by all. So if you want to choose it small candles. A hint: there are some that do not leak, not risk staining the tablecloth .

A tablecloth clear is always a great base for any service at your disposal. The latest trends are changing slightly for how to lay our tables: you see more and more productions made ​​with runner or place mats . It is an interesting solution that is worth experiencing. Well, the board is now perfect, diners are eating, the conversation is lively. Everything is progressing for the better.

A drink in the living room with the right atmosphere

The dinner is over and judging by the smiles on the faces of the diners seems to have gone out for the best.

You can move into the living room for a drink, in this case it will be appropriate to establish an appropriate number of shelves next to sofas and armchairs.

As the dinner went for the best, even after dinner must rise . The living room should be clear of towels, or plaid, or remote controls scattered . Sofas and armchairs must be in order. Do not overdo it with pillows: for sure can help make the seat comfortable, but if too many are likely to be just a useless encumbrance. Properly dosed and in good agreement with the rest of the furniture are excellent decorative elements .

The holidays are close, you can predict liners theme will be perfect and will create just the right atmosphere.

Another important element that can make us comfortable and hospitable in the living room, it is undoubtedly the right lighting . If the opportunity is convivial choose a soft and warm light . There is a wide range of light bulbs, and that both fluorescent able to enhance the environment. It is only to find the most suited to your living room.

Breathe a sigh of relief, seems to have gone out for the best. Check the clock, it is already very late but the time has flown by. Your guests will greet you and thank you. Complimentary with yourself, you were the master of the house clean!