How to Organize Small Kitchen

Regardless of the size of a kitchen is always advisable to have space saving, allowing the environment look neat with the accessories and items used in this stay accessible and easy to find. We show how to organize small kitchens with simple tips and advice to implement in your home.
Keep a small kitchen in order and organized allows to maximize space and work more comfortably in the square meters that are available. The order in a kitchen results in a nice visual effect, while the disorder and atmosphere make the stay overflowed seem shorter.

Kitchen Cabinets Organizing Ideas

Since the kitchen is one room in the house where they perform manual tasks, design it will be important to maintain it and practice it every day. Saving time in traveling, searching and utensils, you get a better use of our time.
■ In organizing a kitchen, it is important to make a selection of objects by use they receive. In this sense, we can place these items in cupboards, cabinets or cupboards depending on frequency of use they receive, leaving the hand or those everyday accessible, as is the dishes that we use daily. In this way, you get access to work and have everything you need to simply and quickly.

■ Collect artifacts, accessories and items that are not necessary plays against the visual housekeeping and generate a burden in space at all desirable in a mini kitchen.

■ In this organization we aim for a small-sized kitchen, we can establish rules or tricks to work comfortably and move unimpeded.

■ An idea can be incorporated shelves or racks to take advantage of vertical space of walls, and distribute them in glass jars to store dry foods and canned, for example.

■ If you need more storage, tea towels and other textiles, dishes, vegetables and fruits, and bajoencimera drawers are not enough, a solution is to incorporate baskets, and place them on shelves, properly labeled or placarded, allow us to quickly find what you need.

■ Glass jars, boxes, baskets and baskets are available in many different colors , finishes (brass, plant tissue, wood, plastic) and shapes, stacking, etc.., so make it possible to have an orderly kitchen with a decorative touch that fits the style of each.


■ Walls can offer this space we need to better organize a small space. Incorporating hangers, hooks and shelves that are also presented in multiple formats and designs, is an affordable option that will facilitate the task of ordering the stay, and take advantage not only of the walls, and the forgotten corners and hard to reach.