How to overwinter balcony plants?

Practical advice on how your balcony plants Hibernate properly Already with the first reduction in temperature you should worry about your plants outdoors. The frosts could be damaging to some of them. With this article we want to make easier the Hibernate of your balcony plants.


Each spring is placed a large part of the plant to outside and alone because of better controls there. Get outdoors the plants more oxygen and light. As a result, they grow better. But in the fall it comes back time, to bring the balcony plants inside. When should this happen? If the mercury of thermometer for some nights at 10 ° C and even deeper falls, you should start already to bring the balcony plants in a safe place. It is however important that this process will be carried out gradually. In this way the plants will adapt much better and more easily to the new conditions. To make this easier for balcony plants, you can place them outside in the morning and evening back in install. This process should last for 10 days until you finally let the plants indoors for the winter.


It is important to know that the plants inside some other care claim a new. The houseplants z.Less water compared to these need B. outdoors. There is a difference also in the humidity – in the winter, the air becomes drier due to heating in the living area. This requires a frequent spraying of the plant with water. Before the balcony plants Hibernate, check a few things. The first is the danger of insect. If there are small beasts, it is good to wash the plant before you bring them in the House thoroughly. This will prevent plugging of other plants. As second require to be repotted some plants before storing it. There are types that allow a change of the pot in the autumn.


Be prepared that the plants can also react to the change of place. The flowers can be for some, on the other the leaves. Often, it happens also that the leaves are yellow, or that the growth of the plant over a period of time stands still. After they have acclimated, the plant will return to the normal rhythm of growth. Now you’ve got useful advice to the Hibernate of your balcony plants. You can find additional information about it in the net, but now you get to work…




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