How to place the shelves in the kitchen

We bought the house and we want to decorate our new kitchen with shelves, but we do not know how to do? No problem, this guide will explain how to place the shelves in the kitchen , in four different ways , in order to make them useful and well arranged on the wall . To do this, just a bit ‘of creativity, dexterity and precision .


The first method is to position the shelves to climb, ie starting placing a shelf lower and gradually placing the other higher and higher, at a same distance between them (Fig. 1). Let us remember that to mount our shelves we need a drill and a screwdriver. Let’s start by trying to position the shelves and check whether they are parallel to the floor using the bubble levels of air. Without this we draw on the wall with a pencil, the dots that indicate where to place the tip of our drill. Then, after making the holes begin to mount on the wall shelves.

height between open shelves in kitchen

Another way of positioning the shelves is distribute on the wall next to one another. This type is often used to position the “spices” so as to easily get to them. Then the same procedure done before: take the shelves, place them on the wall and see if their position is as we want it. Then we check if they are parallel to the floor with a spirit level, draw dots with the pencil on the wall , make the holes and assemble our shelves.

Another method for positioning the shelves is to intersection or better to say “X”. We start by checking the position of the first two at the bottom and we note if the result is the desired one.

We continue with the various procedures to be followed and later with the installation of the latter. Once this is done we test will be positioned as the shelf that will stand in the center and when we are satisfied we proceed with the steps, and we conclude with the installation. Last Step to do is to check the positioning of the upper shelves , accept that they are always arranged in a flat and proceed editor ..

The latter method is the simplest and the most widely used, in fact, the shelves will be positioned just above each other (Fig. 2). To give a good effect in positioning, always keep the same distance from each other. We continue doing the same work seen previously and move on to the mounting shelves.

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