How to prepare your garden for children

How to prepare your garden for the children. Having a garden at home is a privilege for families with children. If you’re lucky you have a garden, it is essential that you can design it so that they will get the most game possibl e.
A good tip for your plants are not damaged it is to use part of the garden to be the children’s playground and there may unfold as they want.


preparing your garden for children
Sand is one of the essential elements as they love and it can perform a variety of games. Build a sandbox 2 × 2 meters, it is simple as only four wooden boards need to quote it.
They also love to have accessories that play and sport , as a small basket to play basketball, or soccer goals. Other elements that children love are the swings, so you can put some in addition to a slide. The log cabins are perfect for that build their own world with their friends.

It is important that this playground is located on one side of the garden that allows you to control children from virtually anywhere in the house and the garden itself. Also, keep in mind that plants are very fragile not around to prevent damage, or any of a toxic species to avoid cross-contamination to risk to be playing.

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