How to Protect Leather Furniture from Stains and Cracks ?

Tips tricks and some homemade recipes to maintain good skin leather chairs or furniture and protect them from stains.

Protect Leather Furniture from Stains and Cracks

The leather is critical wetting a cloth dipped in warm water dusts pores and keeps moisture. However, at least once a year, we need a deeper treatment to prevent the leather from drying out or open.

A well hydrated skin is less staining substances because it absorbs less.

To protect the leather couch or chair can be spread with a thin layer of oil castor . Applies moistening a cloth and leave it to soak the leather. This procedure will prevent opening or dry.

After 24 hours wiping clean all the leather for shine and remove any remaining oil.

Another option is to prepare a mixture of equal parts of linseed oil and vinegar boiled, applying cold to permeate and nourish the skin of the furniture.

For light colors can moisturize with petroleum jelly or lanolin.

In applying hot water hardened leather, oil and soap and repeat 7 days to regain flexibility.

In all cases apply sparingly preparing, distributing evenly, let it absorb, and to the end of treatment rub with a clean cloth until a shiny skin.

We may also use regular shoe polish, moisturizers for the skin, or cleansers to maintain in good condition the leather armchairs and remove some stains.