How to protect wooden floor

Existing layer of varnish and the wood is removed by a stabbing machine carrying a small knife (tiny brushes carpenter) also called roughing process, with coarse grain sandpaper usually 24 or 36. We make several passes and in different directions to ensure the flatness of the ground. Usually performed perpendicular passes first and then diagonally.

repair a wood floor

Stabbing soil wooden or parquet flooring
To perform this operation, without having to change the entire wood floor first thing to do is stab the ground to remove the layers of varnish and let the washed wood, this means no ink residue or varnish or protective, but naked.

varnish finish

Usually the wood floors that can be parquet or flooring , give us several options of finishes, including we find the varnishing , which can sometime bored, or definitely prefer to change the finish by one a little more rustic as it is the wax .

how to slash the parquet
When we removed the varnish layer we will replace the coarse sandpaper a medium grit to remove scratches caused by coarse sandpaper and finish with fine sandpaper for finishing. This process gives the wood a smooth finish , soft and delicate.
Sanding is done by abrasion abrasive sandpaper only lift (if if desired) a layer of varnish to only the damaged layer overcoating.
When you stabbed ends with wooden floor, you have to spend the sander shores by those sites which could not be accessed (mainly the area next to the wall, corners , corners, etc..).

stabbing machine

Once it is completely necessary stabbed floor vacuuming to completely remove the dust generated . If necessary, wipe it with a cloth or wet mop. After cleaning the floor of dust and grease well, you may start to varnish.
When wood is prepared and polished, is a coat of primer or sealer applied background. This seeks to fill or saturate the microscopic porous surface of the wood, and get a solid surface for adhesion have the following hands, and offer some leveling.

How varnished wooden floor
Once dry to the touch observe if necessary sanding and remove small impurities. Behind the sealer proceed to apply two to three coats of varnish finish . Barnizaremos impregnating the brush or roller application.
The whole process can take three to four days . Also we can not touch the ground until after at least 24 hours after the last coat of varnish on the floor and we must be careful with the placement of furniture to prevent scratches. Note that the maximum resistance of the coating is achieved within approximately three weeks.
It is recommended that this type of operation or amendments are carried on a professional , since wood is a delicate material, and baseboards can break easily during sanding back stabbed them, also if they are painted is convenient that change for a wax, so you get a total harmony on the soil of your house.