How to Remove Wallpaper

On several occasions we talked about how to place a wallpaper, how to use them as decorative method and even what type to use in the style we want in our homes. However, so far we have never known how to do to remove them when it comes time for renewal. Whenever we want to put a new wallpaper, it will be advisable to remove the previous one correctly and efficiently so that when you put the new product remains in perfect condition.
To do this we can choose three methods, one steam, one with waterproof paper and a third dry. Then develop each of these forms.


When we remove wallpaper from walls or surfaces extremely large, it is always advisable to use a steam stripper. It is a power tool that has a circular base, where hot water is deposited, and a rectangular shield where the steam continuously.

One tip, when we use this procedure must take into account that it produces a lot of moisture which softens the wall. It is for this reason that we have to wait for it to dry to place the new wallpaper.

The second alternative has to do with the application of a temple with a sponge or roller on the wall. Hardening is a product which is dissolved in water, forming a solution that dissolves the glue applied. After using this solution, the paper is peeled off easily.

In this technique will also have to try to wait for it to dry the wall to place the new wallpaper.

The third and final technique is a little different to the previous ones, this has to do with that in the above, once the task should wait to put the new role, this is the main disadvantage of these techniques. To avoid this, it is possible to detach the old dry paper.

To do this we can move the spatula around the back. Depending on the quality of the glue and the age of the coating, the work will be more or less straightforward. If the coating is tightly bound, it should remove it with a hat.As mentioned on occasion, wallpapering is fashionable. But what gets nothing old papers are damaged or outdated. So if your walls are lined with them, and please get the batteries and start removing them. Then you will have the option to choose between painting or wallpapering the walls, but before imposing a thorough sanitation by removing all the layers of paper.

Sometimes we find more than one layer, which makes the task considerably. But like everything in life, removing wallpaper is easier if we have right accessories and know a few tricks.

Water and vinegar
First, before removing the paper should moisten thoroughly. It is best to use a mixture of water with a dash of vinegar, preferably hot. But there’s more: if drilled wallpaper surface and then vaporize the mixture will be much easier that it penetrates to the bottom and soften the glue aging.

Ideas to puncture the wall
To tap wallpaper rápidapodemos use a roller shape like the one shown on these lines, Wolfcraft brand. Roller and extension handle part of a kit, and are accompanied by a special scraper will not damage the wall. Another option is to prepare a device to tap, fixing a number of long nails on a table so that their tips poke through one side. Once all paper punch, to vaporize the mixture we use a steam cleaner or an aerosol spray. I recommend that you work on areas that will not dry wet tail. And if you plan to use a new blade is also good to round the ends with a file to prevent sticking into the wall.