How to Renew China ?

Renew our china is an easy and simple task that only requires a little imagination and daring.

Renew China

Porcelain tableware
The china is ideal for any significant event which is celebrated something special.

If our china has already been through too special events and want to change a little face, is not difficult and does not involve going to the bazaar to buy a new one. But the alternative is much more economical and enjoyable, we simply paint a picture or adding details to taste.

Ideas to renovate china
When we talk about dishes not only referring to the dishes, but cover from jar and sources to the smallest well with no difference.

The paint to paint ceramic surfaces can be found in any art library. And the reasons to decorate the dishes can be quite varied, although it is recommended, if the first time you are going to paint, make or model using a simple template. Draw freehand is only for experts in this type of craft.

If we are to use a template, before painting, we must ensure that it is well fixed and focused on the dishes to paint, but we want to use template, you can trace the drawing with a carbon with a mild stroke.

And if we encourage you to draw freehand, perform this task with a soft pencil. Something simple and clean is ideal to give a touch of class.

Before painting the chosen piece, we clean it well to ensure good paint adhesion. We will use a cloth or alcohol swab.

Painted after the piece is placed in the oven at a temperature of 140 ° C for 30 minutes to dry the paint.

If you have been pencil marks after graffiti can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol when the paint is already dry.

This technique can also be used to paint the plates and hang them on the wall of the dining room, kitchen or living room or just decorate larger pieces such as vases and fountains, vases Etc..