How to reuse paint

One of the problems we encountered when trying to decorate a home is that sometimes we spent buying decorations. Would you know how to measure the paint you need to redecorate your home? It is difficult to quantify whether a boat will serve two or more. So it is not uncommon that after completing all the work we find that we have some paint left over . Some might think of throwing it away. This however is not the best option as you would be wasting a significant amount of money. Here we show you how to reuse.

decorating with bold paint colors

Maybe not going to reuse the paint immediately. If you let go a few years before reuse have several ways to reuse. Or take it to a paint recycling center, where staff throughout the process so that the material can be reused or yourself can follow a simple process for reuse.

can of paint

Close it very well
When you think reuse old paint will have to look out very well it has been maintained properly over the years. The can should have kept upside down, closed tightly and wrapped with plastic.
Striping Paint Technique

paint bucket closed
Once you’ve determined that the can was in good condition, very strong shake it and then open it . So get to mix all the components of the paint and make it look as if newly bought. It may be the case that once this is done, notes how the paint is not completely liquid, but have made ​​a few small lumps in it. If so, you’ll have to get a special paint strainer and strain it to get rid of those lumps.


Allow to dry
Sometimes the question of what to do with old paintings arises. You can recycle, as we have seen above, or let it dry. For this it is sufficient that the open and expose to the sun . Once dry you can throw the boat without problems.

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