How to save your home decoration

Start with the decoration or renew an environment is a task that always requires an outlay of money. But the fences do not necessarily spend amount must be much, sometimes you can give a new air to only change the color of the walls and a few more details. But if you want a deeper renewal also you can save by following a few simple tips.


Planning is very important

When you define what you want to do, shopping and work will be more orderly. What matters most at this time is to know how much paint you use to paint the walls, furniture which replaces and not, what kind of curtains which are must buy, and a long list of what step that it should be changed or renewed. Based on this you can make a rational estimate adapted to your pocket.


Buy second hand may be an option

Many times can change the appearance of your environments doesn’t mean buy everything new, but simply change. You can find in a shop of second hand, furniture or decorative items in good condition and with a particular charm that new does not.


Recycle or reuse, do it yourself

There is always something you can do with your hands which will help lower costs for a renewal, and much better if you have the opportunity to reuse objects in disuse. Let us not fall into classic and do things with bottles or cardboard. You can restore old furniture, used furniture of an old table machine sewing, or make homemade lamps. Ideas will find a hundred on the Web.


Beep always is a good idea

There is nothing better to start with the transformation of a space that changes the color of the walls. You can follow with the doors and windows, baseboards, and even the floor, ceiling or some furniture. The painting is always a good resource to give new life to the surfaces.


You will always find good prices

If you are worried to save, it seems that it is more tell you that you look for prices, but I think that it is not to tell you how. Take advantage of end-of-season sales, always buying something you truly need and like it, not only because it is a good price. Search in online stores, you can get just what you want and cheaper than in a conventional store. As we said before, buying furniture and other objects used, you can save more and give a special touch.


You can also take advantage of discount coupons offered by many shops, and save you from shipping charges up to a good percentage of the purchase that you make. If you live in Argentina, I recommend that you seek promotions and discounts in the Picodi portal. You have at your disposal Avenue offers and its wide variety of products for home, that may very well come to your renewal.


No more to say to you, I recommend that you take the work of painting and decoration of your home as a family and relaxed activity. You try to have fun, create, plan, forget the routine and their problems, change your way of seeing things.