How to set the table in the garden

Do you want to set the table in the garden? We suggest some ideas and advice to set a perfect table in the garden
Description Fall, spring, summer are ideal seasons for setting a lovely table in the garden. Organize a business lunch as well as dinner with friends or, why not, an outdoor ceremony is really cute idea, especially in view of pleasant summer days.


But how to lay a table in the garden, taking care of even the smallest details? Follow our advice and just set the table in the garden will be an amazing breeze.

To make your job easier, it is important to give a theme to the table or, why not, the whole day. To lay a table in the garden, there is nothing better than freedom as the basic theme.

Take advantage of the shadow for outdoor dining, perhaps on a beautiful lawn, instead becomes a must if we want to keep our meals fresh and presentable. Choose glasses of crystal or glass, a strictly white tablecloth (preferably embroidered), napkin and buttercups themed centerpiece that rievochino the freshness of the breeze.

How to make a delicious set the table with floral centerpiece for your table in the garden? Follow our directions.
For dishes, prevalence of white, as if you were in the south, where whitewashed houses like snowflakes trying to defend themselves from the burning sun.

Fundamentals are also napkin rings can be purchased in stores or, better yet, made with the art of DIY. Here is an idea easy to accomplish for napkin rings that will surprise your guests.
Summer is the time of the imagination? Then get jiggy with a touch of glamor and elegant for setting your table in the garden.


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