How to take advantage of natural light

Today we present some tips that puden serve you when take advantage of natural light . If you want to reform or redesign some spaces in your home do not fail to read our tips.

advantage of natural light

Larger spaces use of natural light
Natural light makes any decor in a more attractive, since the colors and textures look better in this light than any other. But sunlight is not only good for your interiors but also for your humor.

Changes crystals
You can apply crystals fixed to the windows, is a great way to enlarge the windows , opening holes in the facade. Although the crystals are locked is a very good option to gain light in any room. On the other hand you can also use the glass doors , which are great to win and enhance light in small spaces.

enlarge the windows

Place mirrors
An excellent solution when you can not apply fixed crystals or glass doors is to use the mirrors , since they reflect light , so the furniture covered with this material are excellent to project and encourage those dark corners of our house. The effect is especially if you put it in front of a window and you put a lamp above.

Also the large mirrors are a simple but very effective to multiply the light and enlarge the space, the bigger are much better, especially if they will appeal wall to wall , from floor to ceiling and do not have frames, either illuminated or opposite a window, not only give you the feeling that the room is twice as big , but it will be a new focus that will make it much brighter.

Pruning the plants and trees

Strategic Colors
Some colors absorb light, others reflect it. It is important to choose the right colors if you are willing to give it a new coat of paint to your home. In general, dark colors are not the best choice if you want to take advantage of natural light, while the bright colors or white, is the best solution.
Choose light for walls and ceilings, and also for floor paints, carpets or colors.

Pruning the plants and trees
Do not forget the outside either. For that light can enter freely, windows should not be blocked or the inside or the outside. If you have plants or shrubs that are too large and cover the light to reach the interior, you’ll have to prune them. Same with trees that may block sunlight. You can cut some branches strategically located without pruning the tree completely.

reflect light

Accessories and complements
Place clear decorative elements , or transparencies (glasses, vases, etc.). You can do this in just one day of work, spending little to clarify virtually any room in the home. These elements provide special highlights, and also give more lightness to the space.