How to Use a Total Herbicide ?

You need to consider some tips when working with non-selective total herbicide.

Use a Total Herbicide

Total nonselective herbicides do not distinguish between a plant and a weed, ie on the falling plant is plant affected by the herbicide. So you have to take special care to avoid affecting ornamental plants found in nearby space. Ideally locate its application on weeds that you want to eradicate.

At present the backpacks and usually come with a spear in which you can select the option you need to locate the product in a given area or to cover a larger area. If your backpack does not have this accessory can devise a simple homemade solution, we should simply cut off the top of a plastic bottle and put it on the tip of the spear like a funnel, so it is easier to direct the herbicide to a specific

We can also prepare the product and place in a spray of Commons, and spray the plant or weed to be removed. Thus esteremos sure not affect any other plant.

Another important factor to consider is to apply the herbicide on a windless day, and that when applied, even the slightest breeze will cause the product from spreading to places we do not want to affect with the herbicide.

If the forecast announces rain or sky should leave herbicide application for another time, since the rain water and not drag the product would have the desired effect.

Always prepare the product following the specific instructions of the container to achieve a good result.

After using the herbicide must thoroughly clean the container where we make it so that if in the future we use for another task, not affected any plant, person or animal. For this reason it is generally recommended that the elements used to take herbicides are intended only to this task.

Sometimes you have to carry out several applications to kill some weeds resistant, as they generally can not completely remove the first time.