How to use clothes dryer in your home with low cost

The bathroom is a beautifully crafted place of relaxation and tranquility in more and more households. Many Americans looking for high-quality and modern materials in this room and attach importance to a sustainable Bathroom furnishings. This also applies to electronic equipment. An investment in quality pays off.

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Environmentally friendly and innovative washing machines and dryers save money and trouble in the long term. They are also more durable than cheap devices. They ensure a sustainable approach with water, without that users would suffer from a reduced quality of the wash. In the future the washing machines ensure even that adapts the bath to the personal needs of the users and the machines remote control can. How you can save energy with dryers, information in the present article.

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In addition to modern high-tech washing machines are especially dryers, save the energy. Over one-third of Americans has a dryer at home. However, many of them use a device that consumes too much power. Up to 10 percent of the total energy can consume tumble dryer. Electricity costs about 70 euros are converted in the year.

The right clothes dryer as the heat pump dryer helps. He is somewhat more expensive than the condensation or venting dryers, pays off but on a long time, because it has a low power consumption and significantly reduces the total consumption in the household. He has a consumption value of approximately 1.5 to 2 Pro dry power kWh.

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On the Internet, there is a list of the best tumble dryer at an independent Web portal. They were tested by the consumer magazine and assessed. Buyers can compare different offers and models and learn about the ease of use, as well as the different wash programmes.

The heat pump dryer is a device that is connected with a heat pump and umher tossing the clothes inside. The warm air from the pump passes through many small holes in the drum and the laundry to dry. The moisture that loses the laundry takes up the dryer and passes it to the heat pump. There, condenses the water vapour, accumulates and cools down. The heat energy is stored. The next drying cycle the machine uses the collected energy to heat the cooled air in the heat pump. So she can add again warm air of the laundry. The dryer will lose little energy, an electronic heating element is superfluous.

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The energy efficiency of the heat pump dryer is good. They have A + the efficiency class up to A+++ and provide each year to a saving of up to 50 percent. Stiftung Warentest test results of the commercially available devices were positive. Consumers should first pay attention to the energy efficiency class at the time of purchase and select a device that has the class A + has at least. The energy consumption per drying cycle is an important indicator. Despite equal energy efficiency class, each model can have a different power consumption. With the right dryer, users pay electricity but up to 100 euros of less a year.

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Wet-driven heat pump dryer with timing are more economical than the overly dry. Furthermore, the capacity is an important point. The dryer should have the same fill volume, like the washing machine in the household, so that also fits into the whole laundry. Combination devices that can wash and dry, are not recommended. You consume considerably more power than both devices separately used, together. In addition to the heat pump dryer gas venting dryers represent an economical alternative, cost them less money.

Information: New tumble dryer must be marked since June 2013 with the energy label and specify the annual electricity consumption, the quantity, the volume and the length of time of the standard program. Four kilograms of linen are in USA households per person and per week washed and dried. It is up to 330 million cubic meters of water and over 6 billion kilowatt hours lost power.

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Sustainability-oriented users can save even more money and energy with a heat pump dryer if you give into laundry with low residual moisture, say if the washing machine has propelled previously properly. Laundry that needs to be ironed in the connection can be dry with an austerity program. It must be after all not dry. It is important that the dryer is fully loaded. The need for energy increases, if the device is only half full.

With regular use, consumers should clean the fluff filter and air filter. They are excessively dirty, the drying time is extended. Who is the hairdryer in the bathroom, can take advantage of the heat and save on heating costs. In the summer and on days where the laundry to the air can dry, the unit should not run. If the dryer is broken, it can be disposed in the recycling yard.