How to use design chairs to decorate the House chairs

How to use design chairs to decorate the House chairs, that such an important object in the decoration of the House, initially by its usefulness but today goes far beyond. Perhaps when I say that the first thing you think is: “chairs, if necessary… are chairs”. But they have been thinking that the chairs can be a great decorative object that perfectly complements this style that we both want to get in a certain room?

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The response of many is probably ‘no’. And it will be fine, they are chairs… Today I suggest go a step further and begin to look at them another way and pay attention to your design.

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There are chairs, classic design, basic who have always been in the market and many of them, although they do not create it are really amazing design that can be made in a wide range of decorative styles. It has that bar chairs like them happened? Those who see when going to get a drink with friends. Or those design catering chairs that they both liked in the last holiday. Because they can keep at home and make them part of the decoration. There are catalogues of chairs catering heaps of ideas can be drawn from that.

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No afraid of combining a table of classic design with a modern design chair. Colors, white or acrylic. And we can not only make this kind of combinations in the dining room or kitchen. We can encourage us to carry this type of chairs to the bathroom, a corridor, room (both ours and the kids) and also in our small corner-office  at home.

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Even we in the same dining room combined chairs of different designs and colors. All different or two or three designs at the same time. I may seem a little weird when you think the idea for the first time, but I am sure that in all these pictures you will find the inspiration they need to encourage this change.
In a space of Nordic-style can add a Phantom Chair or in a room with Victorian furniture encourage us to place an acrylic Chair (the design that we like). You will see that a whole everything will be wonders and will give you a renewed and fresh air to the decoration.

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The idea of adding design in bath chairs is also another that we can not do. An optional extra for leaving clothes, sit down and put on and that will touch deco missing space.

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Take advantage of the weekend to stroll the cafés, bars and hotels and pay attention to the chairs. Take pictures and then view them in the spaces of the House. Analyze what design they like and take the initiative to buy some to dare to try… You will see that they’ll love the result!

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