Idea to Renovate the Mirror

A mirror in the bathroom is a piece that is generally present in different dimensions and shapes, in locations that fit the space , and sometimes combinations betting creativity. They are pieces that add practicality to the room and decorate it at the same time.With this new idea to renew the mirror can print a unique seal and customize this plugin.


An old mirror and do not like, or a simple one that you have not found a framework that stand out, are some of the possibilities to recycle and extend the use of this piece in a toilet.

A frame made from wood that surrounds the mirror silhouette you already have, is a proposal that can renew the look of the bathroom sector. You can also define the depth of each of the tables that make up the picture, and thus create a new support zone and surely find accessories that occupy it.

Choose wood with a natural finish or painted in colors to blend with the elements of the environment , thus can decorate and create a unique mirror and style itself.

already in a previous article I told you I love the mirrors , I have them everywhere and I have no hang some waiting the the right place . 

In small houses is a very handy solution for creating a virtual space and get the rooms seem more spacious .
Though specialists in Feng Shui believe that they must be used carefully as misuse of them can make power positive does not flow efficiently through the house.
The mirror has an important place in the mythology and superstitions of many peoples . The image it reflects is often identified with the soul or spirit of the person: thus for example that vampires, soulless bodies, are not reflected in it.  If you feel IDENTIFY as  me and I love to decorate with them, I propose these ideas to putting them into practice this holiday, if you have no course, something much more interesting to do.







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