Ideal solution to clean your bathroom

Wet rooms are a great solution for cleaning the bathroom as the name suggests a wet room is a water room water tight allowing splashing or anywhere without causing damage. If you have a young family you may want to consider a wet room and there is no fear of more flooding toilets or showers sprayed on walls.

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Wet rooms are designed so that all the water is drained through the ground wet rooms therefore must have a unique floor drain. The most important factor with wet rooms is that the floor slopes towards the drain allowing any water in the room to be easily drained through the drain. You will need to provide some protection to the entry of a wet room a pitch of 2 inches should be enough to stop the water from escaping.

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Wet rooms almost always be tiled from top to bottom not including the roof of all plumbing for showers and sinks have to be carried out before tile so make sure you know your design layout. The basic requirement for the wet room is a shower and a sink with towel warmer is better to avoid bathroom furniture in a wet room, if necessary some metal or using plastic storage shelves and will not get damaged water. You can buy kits based shower wet rooms that do the work of installing a shower much easier.

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Waterproofing kits are available to ensure that your room is completely waterproof wet they are installed in the floor and wall, and also where wall meets.

You have to adapt to this tile before starting any area. If you do not want to use tiles that you can get specialist walls and floors that work just as well.

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