Ideas for a kitchen full of color

Are you tired of the color of your kitchen? Although you think that a white or beige kitchen can be immaculate, come a time when you will begin to seem too formal. So before you start doing work, check out these simple tips for a touch of color and character to your kitchen.


You can give a touch of color and personality to your kitchen with dishes and utensils sets of colors. These wonderful pieces of pottery (above) Nador are inspired by the Mediterranean decor. Look great alone or play with another set of different colors for a more stylish and eclectic touch. Other colors that give personality to your home that is worth trying fuchsia pink. Another way is to choose appliances you use daily as weights or utensils of different colors (available and Kitchen section of ACHICA).


Also if you prefer to give a brighter, summery feel, choose colors like red, orange or blue. These colors will help you begin to give a different touch to your kitchen, so that you go slowly shaping.

If you’re still not sure of the color, I recommend you start with something simple that will give you clues about the color going to put at the end. These auxiliary plates and set to server from Sagaform are just perfect for a touch of color and joy to your spaces.