Ideas for decorating a child’s room

A pirate ship, a haunted castle, a race track, a veterinary hospital, all in one, your child’s bedroom is a magical place that responds only to your imagination at the time of becoming a remote site, special , of pure delight. So decorating the children’s room should be planned according to the multiple possibilities that the small want to give.

child's room

Colors to decorate a child’s room
When we think of a male room we usually imagine blue, light blue, maybe some white, but these cool and calm tones do not encourage creativity. Instead of them, choose primary colors, full of life, white walls and geometric shapes applied in specific sectors.
The imitations are ideal for entertaining the child. For example, you can paint the ceiling light blue and, with the technique of brush dry (dip the brush, and before applying, had several times by a newspaper, until it has almost no paint) to imitate the sky clouds .A fluorescent paint points will help to imitate the stars at night.These are decorations very simple to achieve, with a low budget, that will stimulate creativity, imagination, and enjoyment in the child’s bedroom.

Coatings for children’s rooms
In the nursery, however, we must think of the surface resistance. The games are more sharp and active, and we need to have walls and floors that resist jumps, crawls and all its movements.
Instead of carpet, choose to place vinyl floor tile adhesive or rubber floors, which will properly insulated, will create a padded surface and shock-resistant, and keep the male at this stage of child development.
The plaster walls will be very little resistance to knocks and scratches. Instead, choose wallpaper with special reasons, such as imitation, colors or even landscapes.
Also the wooden walls are resistant coating for children’s rooms, which provide beauty and on which you can place nails and hooks without problem, because these tables can be updated as regularly as you require.

Distribution of the spaces in a child’s room
As room permits, determines the use of the bedroom areas. The bed and resting place will be out of use throughout the day.To achieve this, nothing like leaving a large open space in the room, the center and accessible to all.On one side leaves the closet with doors, preserving the clothes and items, and on the opposite side table placed tasks, such as a small desk where your child can draw pictures, write, do their schoolwork and plan their Games the day, while all the dirt in their specific sector of games.

To maintain order in the rooms of men, perhaps the best idea a big basket or box where little can leave it there all his toys. Not too aesthetic solution, but with a bit of learning your child will get used to leave there all their dolls and games, keeping them handy and safe, without having recourse to the closet and saved sites.