Ideas for decorating a warm hall

While many houses there, the receiver plays a very important role within the home, as it is often the only transitional space between the street and interior, allowing us to rid ourselves of coats, bags and all elements that we bring to the Street to move to be more comfortable.


While not often relies as it should, the hall is a room with many possibilities, knows our ideas for decorating a warm and welcoming entrance.


Some ideas for decorating a warm hall
Distribution is a key to exploit any space and in the case of the hall with its small size. In this case, we chose to align the furniture to leave a free transit zone , having the bulkier pieces against the wall.
Natural wood gives more warmth to the atmosphere, so chose the teak furniture and left natural.
To give you a little more life, we chose to place a kind kilim rug to add a touch of color, and give extra warmth to the space.


Ideas for decorating a warm hall

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