Ideas for kitchens with office

First, the office is a place, a space that is integrated into the kitchen to give more comfort, have an area for breakfast, a light lunch or just take a moment to have a coffee. There are plenty of places to create an office when not have a space for it. Here are some ideas for kitchens and office equipment necessary for these spaces.

Furniture for office
In dining journal usually very well placed as they are areas of regular use and therefore be adapted to a comfortable and pleasant. Interior designers usually advise owners of these spaces for the selection of furniture that are optimal for both. Such is the case of solid oak to create warm environments that can be combined with soft colors like orange walls. If the room has inputs of natural light , to get that light to be placed next to the dining room windows.
The combination and use of tables with different measures (expandable in some cases) is very important and useful to achieve different spaces adaptable to each function. Such tables are very good when wood like maple, beech or cherry as well as on glass.
The best options are integrated into other furniture like dressers, shelves and hidden in the walls of this type that are not seen but are used only when necessary.

How to define the office
To define spaces of common use of office one tip is to paint the walls differently. As the office area is not in contact with water and steam can wall papering to differentiate it from the kitchen. Others with a island out perfectly combining with fitted into the office can have your table utensils so freeing each environment.
When space is scarce choose stacking chairs that can be stored up to six pieces shaped tower. You can also use extendable tables with wheels.

To illuminate the office
Use ceiling lights . When hanging, the ideal distance that should be between them and the table is 80 cm. If the table is very long, placed several lights aligned. The opaque screens prevent glare and focus the light beam more. Better yet if this is conical and closed at the top.

I hope I have been of interest and find everything you need in terms of office kitchens. It is so hard to have one at home, right?