Ideas for painting the stairs

There are many ways to give a detail of color to the house so out of the ordinary, and one of these is to paint the stairs . This time we will show some examples for this sector of home decorating if your home has more than one plant.

pictures of painted stairs

First of all we see the parts of a staircase, this will help you understand the following paragraphs. Each ladder consists of certain number of rungs or steps , each step in turn has two major sides: the mark which is the top or horizontal face where the feet rest and the riser is the vertical face. Also some stairs can have a break , landing call other ways or plateau, which is a big area where there are no steps. Not all, but some have a socket ladder or skirting boards , in some higher than others, which protects the wall.

painted stair treads

Let what you do not care: you can paint the stairs in a simple way, in a flamboyant color footprint to stand in place  in this case would be good to use a paint slip flooring to prevent accidents. Another option is to paint a strong rise color.

painted stairs ideas

A widely used alternative is to simulate a rug paint down the stairs. Can paint the color you want and to accompany the rest of the decor. In this case treads and risers are painted, leaving a distance of at least five inches on each side, the original color, white or wood.

painted stairs

One of the most joyous and original ways is to paint using different colors . Each step would be in a different tone, you can paint the whole stage … or just the riser of each step. The intensity of the colors will make the room have different personality.

painting on stairs

Another option is to use a wallpaper alone in the riser, which will make the ladder has the design and color you want. You can also write sentences, or use decorative painting techniques, let your imagination fly.

painting stair rails

And the simplest and no less attractive option is to paint the stairs of a single color, which stands out in the environment, such as painting a wall a different color especially if you do not want to complicate too.

paint stairs

painted stair risers

painting stair railings

painting stair risers

painting stair treads

painting stairs ideas

painting stairs white

painting stairs with carpet

painting stairs

painting wooden stairs

paintings of stairs