Ideas for reuse cans

The weekend approaching. To take advantage of it, we bring you a series of ideas, Which we will recycle cans to turn them into elements That decorate and organize.

Ideas for reuse cans (1)

A magazine rack from armed cans. The suggestion is simple and virtually no Takes place. It’s a strip of metal on Which You have stuck without free cans or lid. This proposal is silver while you can paint it the color you want!

Ideas for reuse cans (2)

An notion similar to the previous just for the bathroom. In This case it is cans of biggest Grayling and lined Have Been Placed on the wall to give life to a towel rack.

Three cans of different sizes, mounted on the cylinder center to help create an organizer.

Ideas for reuse cans (3)

There are always That Certain tools we mess in the kitchen. A good way to keep them in place and well by hand is with the help of cans.

Ideas for reuse cans (4)